Haley Midgette is a multifaceted, Toronto-based artist who weaves together her talents as an actor and singer-songwriter to meaningfully connect with audiences. In her music, she combines the timeless charm of folk with contemporary nuances to create an inviting backdrop for whimsical musings and honest storytelling. Set to melodies equal parts elegant and catchy, her poetic lyrics often mirror universal longings and joys, including our struggle to fully embrace life’s enigmatic beauty. 

Haley’s sound is influenced by Canadian icons like Sarah Harmer and Joni Mitchell and also carries shades of indie-pop luminaries like Julia Jacklin, Mitski, and Katy Kirby. 

In 2020, she released her first EP, Carlaw Ave., which she described as "exploring tensions between the ties that bind and what we really want." Her second EP, Artisan Guardian, which dropped in  March 2023, is similarly an ultimately loving exercise in self-exploration and confession. 

Haley holds a combined honors degree in music and English literature from McMaster University, has worked on numerous indie projects as an actor, music composer, and voiceover artist, and has also appeared on national commercial broadcasts in the US and Canada.

Highly melodic and engaging, perhaps the most likable element of the EP is its simple yet poetic lyrics. The young Toronto singer-songwriter really bares all through these four songs, combining vulnerability, compassion, and authenticity with a lot of poise and honesty...The subject matter is all very universal, and it reminds us that compassion and awkwardness are what make us unique and desirable in the first place.”

Christopher Gonda, V13 Media

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