Haley Midgette is a Toronto-based actor and singer-songwriter from Scarborough, Ontario. Combining a classic folk sound with modern atmospheric elements, Haley's music is driven by vulnerable, introspective lyrics, and melodies both elegant and catchy. Reminiscent of Sarah Harmer, Joni Mitchell, as well as indie pop artists like Julie Jacklin, her work reflects a relatable curiosity and desire to fully embrace the bittersweetness and ambiguity of life.

A shy kid, she had an early love for music and performance, but finding the courage to sincerely embrace her artistic longings took time. She began performing publically in musical theatre productions in high school, and then at McMaster University, where she also studied classical voice. After taking a few years' hiatus from the arts in her early- to mid-twenties, during which she attempted a 9-5 career, she began acting and writing more seriously.  

In 2020, she released her first EP, Carlaw Ave., which she described as "exploring tensions between the ties that bind and what we really want." Her second EP, Artisan Guardian, which drops March 3, 2023, is also an ultimately loving exercise in confession, self-confrontation, and self-expression. 

Haley has also worked on numerous indie projects as an actor, music composer, and voiceover artist, and appeared in national commercial broadcasts in the US and Canada. 

Highly melodic and engaging, perhaps the most likable element of the EP is its simple yet poetic lyrics. The young Toronto singer-songwriter really bares all through these four songs, combining vulnerability, compassion, and authenticity with a lot of poise and honesty...The subject matter is all very universal, and it reminds us that compassion and awkwardness are what make us unique and desirable in the first place.” - Christopher Gonda

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Artisan Guardian album art

Artisan Guardian album art

Carlaw Ave. album art

Carlaw Ave. album art

Upcoming EP, Aristan guardian - mar. 3, 2023

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